Marine IUCN Red List Officer
Oceanário de Lisboa


Oceanário de Lisboa is a large public aquarium whose prestige is widely recognised, not only in Lisbon and Portugal, but also across the world. Its main mission is to encourage people to learn more about the oceans and make all citizens aware of their duty to conserve their natural heritage, by changing their behaviour. Additionally, Oceanário de Lisboa promotes several educational activities, addressing environmental challenges, creating awareness about oceans and its habitants. Collaborates directly with recognized Institutes and Scientific Investigations’ Projects about marine biodiversity’ conservation, promoting a sustained development.
Presently is looking for:

Marine IUCN Red List Officer (M/F)


Working closely with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) network, in particular the IUCN Red List Partnership Coordinator, Oceanário de Lisboa Staff and the global aquarium community, he/she will play a key role in progressing the Global Marine Species Assessment (GMSA), towards the goal of assessing 20.000 marine species by 2020. This position will focus on assessing the extinction risk faced by marine fish groups for inclusion on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with priority given to those within the collection of Oceanário de Lisboa and other aquaria globally. In doing this, the position will help to dramatically expand the understanding of conservation status of marine fish species globally; laying the much needed foundation for prioritised conservation planning and action across the aquarium and IUCN community.

The main tasks will be:
· Receive training and ongoing development from the IUCN Red List Partnership Coordinator and the IUCN Red List Unit;
· With the IUCN Red List Partnership coordinator, based at The Deep UK, jointly oversee the assessment process of priority species for publication on the IUCN Red List. This includes: researching and writing assessments for priority marine species, serving as reviewer for assessments prior to publication, species-specific background research, organizing and facilitating international workshops and meetings, writing proposals, reports and scientific papers, Engaging with and liaise with stakeholders and partners of the GMSA and IUCN;
· Play a key role in promoting the Oceanário de Lisboa/ IUCN partnership and the IUCN Red List;
· With the IUCN SSC Director of Specialist Group Partnerships and the IUCN Red List Partnership Coordinator, work to forge IUCN connections and grow strategic assessment capacity across the European aquarium community with regard to collection planning and conservation prioritisation;
· Extend own knowledge of scientific issues relevant to the work of the SSC and pursue training in required skills.


· Bachelor in Biological Sciences, Conservation or related fields;
· Commitment to the role of Zoos and Aquariums in conservation;
· Experience with mapping tools/software (such as GIS) desirable;
· Fluency in spoken Portuguese and a high level of proficiency in scientific writing in English;
· Ability to work well in a global team of Red List officers to problem solve, self-manage and find solutions;
· Self-motivated with attention to detail;
· Experience in scientific and public engagement, including good presentation and networking skills;
· An eagerness to expand personal knowledge-base and adapt to new challenges.


The opportunity to integrate a solid company that will provide the tools for your professional progress and enable your developing process.



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